Although I can’t remember exactly when I started liking the name Studio 124, I think it may have started to form sometime between the winter of 2008 and the spring of 2009. I noticed a window display in Lancaster, England while I was serving as a missionary there. I didn’t forget the window and later I was able to visit the shop and loved the inside as much as the outside. On the bottom floor of the store was a charming, hip, art boutique and on the top floor was a gallery of art by local artists. Both the style of the gallery and the art on display was amazing!  This store was called Arteria with Gallery 23. I believe that’s where I first realized I wanted to name my studio with a number and that number would be 124.

So why the number 124? 124 is the number on what my family calls “Grandma’s House”. My grandma Laura grew up in this house and later in life, along with my Grandpa, lived there and raised their 5 children which included my dad. I grew up close to my grandparents and visited them often.  They were loving and encouraging.  My grandma was especially excellent at making me feel as though I could do or be anything I wanted to be.  Her home was a place where I felt I could share any of my interests and dreams and she would give me her complete attention and support.

As I started doing photography she always encouraged and cheered me on. Being a photographer herself it was fun to talk to her about something that both of us had an interest in.  Her home was built in the early 20’s and so it was full of pioneer architectural beauty.  I photographed it often. The roses, lilacs, quince, forsythia, peonies, grape vines, pomegranate bushes and a variety of other plants, trees and flowers made great photo subjects. It was a perfect training ground and she was the best teacher.

The number 124 symbolizes for me a place where dreams began.  A place of creativity, encouragement, heritage, and learning. This is why I use the number 124.

Years after going to the charming art shop in England and knowing I wanted to use the number 124, I finally put the name to use.   In 2016 I designed, wrote and used my photography to make a book by Studio 124. The beginning of documenting experiences that leave an Imprint.

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  1. Oh Ashlee I love this! You are so talented and are able to express yourself with such feeling! I love every word of this and every word you have written in your books! Keep it up! You are truly on to something that is and will be a treasure forever!
    Love you!!!

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